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At North Star, we are committed to achieving value for money and social value through having a consistent and logical approach to procurement; ensuring transparency and compliance with EU Procurement Directives and UK Procurement Regulations.

Our approach has been distilled to two core principles:

“Our overarching objective in the procurement choices we make is to deliver, with transparency, the optimum balance of cost and quality for the organisation and its customers.”

“Our procurement choices should always incorporate consideration of the extent to which they can generate social value in our communities.”

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* Current tender opportunities *

Requirements for goods, supplies and services worth over £25k are either advertised here and on Contracts Finder or are sourced from EU compliant framework agreements. Requirements over the EU threshold values are advertised first in the Official Journal of the European Union. Quotes are sought for requirements below £25k. We do not use approved lists of suppliers. If you wish to let us know the goods you provide or services you undertake, you can do this by registering on our suppliers portal.

Please note that due to the potential number of suppliers in the market this will not guarantee that you are included on requests for quotations.


North Star’s approach to social value in procurement

Following government budget announcements our Community Investment Team has undergone a significant re-focusing process and refreshing the way we quantify social value and a new method to capture this through procurement has been implemented providing a consistent approach allowing us to monitor the delivery of this more effectively.

At North Star we work proactively with our contractors and suppliers to ensure we generate as much positive impact from our work as possible.

We build social value requirements into every contract we issue. In fact, the amount of social value a contractor can offer forms part of the process we use to decide who should win our contracts.

Social Value can take many forms. Some examples of the ways our contractors have helped the communities we work in include:

  • Regular work placements for young people
  • Apprenticeships
  • Garden makeovers
  • Community building improvements
  • Donations
  • Support for schools and nurseries

Case Study

North Star own property on the Belle Vue estate in Hartlepool. The estate has a number of deprivation issues but, it does have a fantastic Community Centre that includes Nursery provision. The nursery were looking to purchase a mud kitchen and asked if North Star could contribute.

In turn, we asked our responsive repairs and voids contractor P.F. Burridge and Sons if they could help. They created a bespoke mud kitchen from scratch for the nursery, free of charge.

Case study

Responsive repairs and planned maintenance contractor Esh Facilities have employed seven apprentices as a direct result of the contracts they hold with us. This includes joiners, plasterers, quantity surveyors and admin apprenticeships.


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