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Paying your rent should be quick and easy. Which is why we’ve put together a whole range of ways to make it simple and straightforward to make your payments. To pay your rent you can select any of the options below:

  • Direct debit – the easiest way to pay your rent straight from your bank/building society account. Contact our Customer Service Team on 03000 11 00 11 to set up your direct debit over the phone.
  • Allpay –  You can pay your rent any time online by debit or credit card using the secure online Allpay system or by calling Allpay 0330 041 6497.
  • Paypoint outlets and the Post Office – Take your allpay rent card to any shop or post office displaying the Paypoint sign to make your payment.

If you lose or damage your allpay payment card, please contact our Customer Services Team on 03000 11 00 11 who will arrange for a replacement card to be sent out to you.

If you do not pay your rent, you are breaking your tenancy agreement. We will always take action if you miss rent payments and this could result in you losing your home.

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with payments, which is why our Housing Officers are always on hand to help.If you are having problems paying your rent you should get in touch with your Housing Officer as soon as possible. For more, see Arrears.

You may lose your home if you do not make arrangements to pay your rent in full when it’s due.

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