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Mutual Exchanges

If you’re looking to move, a mutual exchange might be an option for you.

A mutual exchange is when two or more housing associations or council tenants exchange (or swap) their homes. Each tenant must move into their exchange partner’s property and take on responsibility for that tenancy.

You may wish to exchange your property for a larger or smaller home or move to a different location entirely, perhaps where North Star does not own any properties. You can exchange with another tenant living in any part of the country.

For a mutual exchange to take place, the landlords involved will need to give their consent.  There are some reasons why consent may not be given.

These reasons are set out in the Housing Act 1985 and include:

  • late or delayed rent payments
  • the use of a starter tenancy
  • the property you want to move into being too big or too small for the number of people involved
  • the existence of a court order made against you for breach of tenancy, or a notice of seeking possession.

Mutual exchanges can often be a quicker way of moving house than a transfer. If you are interested in this or require any more information, please contact your Housing Officer 

Organising a Mutual Exchange

In most cases, mutual exchanges are organised using online tools like Homeswapper.

If you are considering a mutual exchange:

If you find a suitable property to swap with, contact your Housing Officer who will send out an application form to start the process.


North Star is a member of Homeswapper.

Homeswapper is an online service that helps connects tenants who are looking to move house and want to do a mutual exchange.

You can search for homes by area and usually you will see photos of what’s available.

You can sign up for emails or text messages when new homes that match your search become available.

If you don’t have internet access, we can help you register for Homeswapper and send you details of suitable properties via other means.

Click here for more details.

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