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North Star welcomes residents of Darlington Housing Association - Find out more

North Star is committed to improving accessibility to all our customers and to provide any reasonable adjustments to our service to ensure that no one is disadvantaged.  We will discuss with individuals their specific needs, but some examples could be:

  • Providing information and responses in alternative ways when this will be helpful such as large print, translated into another language
  • Allowing extra time to respond in timescales.
  • Providing a language interpreter.
  • Providing additional support for customers with communication or learning disabilities.
  • Providing additional support for customers with physical/mental health conditions.
  • Having a zero tolerance towards harassment.
  • Monitoring customer access and satisfaction in all areas.
  • Where we can, adapt homes and services to meet the needs of individual tenants

* Click here to view our Unreasonable Customer Behaviour and Persistent Complaints Policy