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Keeping you safe

Keeping you safe within your home is a key priority for North Star.

We have a dedicated Compliance Team who work closely with our specialist contractors to ensure all necessary services, inspections and repairs to your home are completed in line legislation and best practice.

Emma Speight (Executive Director of Assets and Growth) has overall responsibility for ensuring North Star comply with all our Health and Safety requirements.

Fire safety

For our dedicated page on Fire Safety, please click here

To view our posters with essential tips on fire safety in the home, please click here and here

All our buildings with communal spaces will have Fire Risk Assessments completed on an annual basis.

All buildings will have fire detection systems installed within the communal areas and where appropriate emergency lighting.

Each flat which is accessed by a communal entrance will also have smoke and heat detectors within the property.

All of our buildings will have heat detectors in the kitchen and smoke detectors with the entrance hallway and each landing.

For Fire Door Information, please click here

Gas safety

We must complete a gas safety check once a year for all homes with a gas meter or gas supply. This ensure that we are able to keep you and those that live with you safe from gas or carbon monoxide leaks.

More about gas safetyclick here

Electrical testing

We check all electrical wiring before you move into your home. We will test the electrical installation in your home every five years to make sure it is safe.

More about electrical safety – click here

Water hygiene

There is a risk of bacteria, such as legionella, growing in your water system but there are things you can do to reduce the risk.

More about water hygiene  – click here


Asbestos can be dangerous if moved or damaged. You must contact your Housing Officer before you do any DIY in your home.

More about asbestos – click here


We service lifts within our communal spaces every three months and lifts within a persons home at least every 12 months.

More about lifts – click here

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