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VFM is a constant for North Star.  VFM is about doing more with our resources so that we can achieve our corporate objectives.  By optimising VFM throughout the organisation, we release additional resources to invest in services to tenants, maintain our existing homes and increase the supply of new homes.

Delivering VFM is part of an integrated and embedded approach, rather than something that is separate or an annual task that must be completed.  VFM is a critical business tool. VFM at North Star is not just about reducing costs.  Quality and cost are both important, as is the relationship between investment and performance, and these form the basis of our VFM measurement and monitoring.

In summary, what VFM means to us includes:

  • Economy, efficiencies and cost savings.
  • Effectiveness and enhanced quality for tenants.
  • Investment in new housing and existing homes.
  • Added social value.

Our comprehensive approach to VFM is not new, but it has been progressively honed over the years.  Our focus on continuous improvement has enabled us to develop and invest in keeping North Star strong.

You can view our VFM strategy or most recent VFM reports below.

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