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North Star welcomes residents of Darlington Housing Association - Find out more

At North Star we have always recognised the impact our work has on the communities we work in. We have always worked hard to ensure this impact is as positive as possible.

Connecting communities to our business gives us the opportunity to understand what really matters to our tenants, demonstrate our role as an anchor organisation and support people to realise their ambition and achieve their potential.

Our Approach

North Star practice asset based community development principles. This means we start with what is strong in a community, rather than what’s wrong, working with strengths rather than addressing deficits.

We work hard to understand the communities we work in. We utilise data from the Housing Association Charitable Trust’s (HACT) Community Insight tool alongside our knowledge from working in the communities to know what really matters.

Our grants target grass roots organisations, embedded in the communities we work in. The organisations we support have high levels of community trust. We prioritise supporting projects that work, whether they have been delivered for many years or are completely new and innovative.

We ensure our decision making and evaluation processes are proportionate and robust. This allows our partners to focus on the delivery of outcomes for the communities we serve. We also provide partners with core funding grants that allow them to be as flexible as possible in response to community needs.

Ultimately, like our vision to 2023, people are right at the centre of our community connection work.

If you would like to know more about the support we offer to communities or would like to discuss a project you think we may be able to support please contact

You can see examples of the projects we support by downloading our social value reports here –

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