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Invested £12m to improve peoples’ homes

Since the transfer almost £12m has been invested into improving tenants’ homes, not only ensuring properties meet the decent homes standard, but going above and beyond. This has not only modernised homes, but helped reduce fuel poverty through the installation of modern heating systems and energy efficient boilers.

We’ve made nearly 3,000 home improvements, including:

Improvement Total Investment value
Kitchens 567 £2,000,000
Bathrooms 387 £900,000
Rewires 173 £430,000
Windows 517 £2,000,000
External doors 438 £300,000
Roofs 315 £2,500,000
Heating 546 £2,000,000
Renewable heating air source heat pump systems 103 £740,000
Foot path replacements or improvements 153 £300,000
Fencing replacements 203 £400,000


Invested over £8.5m to develop new homes

Increasing affordable housing has always an absolute priority for THA and since transfer over £8.5m has been invested in the development of 72 new homes across the area.