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The role of the Regulator

The Regulator of Social Housing regulates registered providers of social housing to promote a viable, efficient and well-governed social housing sector able to deliver homes that meet a range of needs. Registered providers of social housing include not-for-profit organisations such as housing associations and cooperatives, local authorities and for-profit providers.

The Regulator undertakes economic regulation, focusing on governance, financial viability and value for money that maintains lender confidence and protects the taxpayer. It also sets consumer standards and may take action if these standards are breached and there is a significant risk of serious detriment to tenants or potential tenants.

Follow the link for further information on the role of the Regulator.

The objectives of the Regulator

These are set by Parliament:


  • to ensure that providers of social housing, who are registered with us, are financially viable and properly managed and perform their functions efficiently, effectively and economically
  • to support provision of social housing sufficient to meet reasonable demands (including by encouraging and promoting private investment in social housing)
  • to ensure that value for money is obtained from public investment in housing
  • to avoid the imposition of an unreasonable burden (directly or indirectly) on public funds.
  • to guard against the misuse of public funds.


  • to support the provision of social housing that is well-managed and of appropriate quality
  • to ensure that actual or potential tenants of social housing have an appropriate degree of choice and protection
  • to ensure that tenants of social housing have the opportunity to be involved in its management and hold their landlords to account
  • to encourage RPs to contribute to the environmental, social and economic well-being of the areas in which the housing is situated,

Consumer standards define the minimum standards that every tenant living in social housing can expect.

Follow the link for further information on the regulatory standards and what this means for tenants.

If you feel that we have failed to meet any of the consumer standards then please contact us by Telephone, e mail or through this website. All contact details are shown in the ‘‘Contact us’’ section

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