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Fire alarms

All buildings with communal areas will have fire detection systems installed within these areas.

We test all fire alarm systems weekly and service them every six months.

Never test a fire alarm yourself because you may set off the building’s alarm.

Smoke detectors

All of our homes will have smoke detectors with the entrance hallway and each landing.

Test your smoke detector once a week

Testing your smoke detector is important for your safety. The smoke detector is an early warning system that can give you enough time to get out of your home if there is a fire.

Press and hold the test button for 3 seconds until you hear an alarm. This means the detector is working. The detector will sound for several seconds and stop automatically.

Never remove the batteries from your smoke detector. Call 03000 110011 to report a repair if the alarm:

  • is slow or quiet
  • starts to beep periodically

We will replace your smoke detector when it needs to be replaced.

Smoke detector tests that we do

We will test your smoke detector as part of your annual gas check and every five years as part of your electrical installation check.

If you live in sheltered housing or an extra care scheme

Your flat has a smoke detector that you should test once a week. We will also check your smoke detector when we do our cyclical safety inspections within your home.

If you notice a fault with the smoke detector in your home or those in communal areas, speak to your Scheme Manager.

Heat detectors

All of our homes will have heat detectors with the kitchen.

Heat detector tests

We test heat detectors as part of your annual gas check and every five years as part of your electrical installation check.

Fire Risk Assessments

We complete Fire Risk Assessments to all relevant buildings on an annual basis. We ensure any remedial works identified as part of the risk assessment are raised and monitor progress to ensure they are completed in a timely manner.

If you if you would like to see a copy of the most recent Fire Risk Assessment or to have an update on any remedial works please contact us on 03000 110011.

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