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We are committed to effective, open and honest governance. We sign up to the National Housing Federations code “Promoting board excellence for Housing Associations”, we conduct annual appraisals of our Board members and have robust selection and appointment processes to ensure we have a “fit for purpose” Board. We maintain rigorous internal control systems to support and underpin the governance arrangements.

The Boards comprise of people who are committed to the communities we serve and members have a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience to draw on. They maintain their knowledge base and keep up to date by attending regular training and development events.

We operate a complete overlapping Board Structure for the Group.  The Board members are the same for the Parent (North Star)  and each of the subsidiaries (Endeavour, Teesdale and Darlington).  We have up to 12  board members.  This “one” structure approach enables us to hold all four meetings simultaneously and makes decision making easier. 

We have a Group Audit Committee of five members.

The remuneration of Board members for their work on behalf of the Group in 2019/20 is:
Chair £8,876
Vice-Chair £5,270
Chair GAC £4,971
Board member £3,551

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