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We are committed to effective, open and honest governance.  We sign up to the National Housing Federation’s code of Governance, Board members are appointed following a robust selection process.  We conduct annual appraisals of our Board members.  We maintain rigorous internal control systems to support and underpin the governance arrangements.  This ensures we have a “fit for purpose” Board.

The Board comprise people who are committed to the communities we serve and members have a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience to draw on.  They maintain their knowledge base and keep up to date by attending regular training and development events.

We have up to 12 Board members. and we have a Risk and Audit Committee (RAC) of five members.

North Star has always aimed to have a Board, that is representative of the communities in which we operate.  We gather Board demographics annually and compare the data to demographics at  a national, regional and local level.  Whilst we have made some progress, there is more to do.  During 2021 North Star has worked in partnership with the Housing Diversity Network and Thirteen Housing to develop a Board apprenticeship programme.  The Board is seeking to recruit people that are under the age of 35  and people who identify themselves as BAME.  The programme will begin in 2021.

The remuneration of Board members for their work on behalf of North Star from 1st April 2021 is:

Chair £10,100
Vice-Chair £6,388
Chair GAC £5,924
Board member £4,364

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