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Each year North Star follows Government guidance and regulation to review its rents in line with the Rent Standard.

Following careful consideration of the challenges facing North Star and its tenants, the North Star Board approved a rent increase of 4.1%  to start from Monday 4th April 2022.

We know tenants are facing challenges with the increase in fuel, food and household bills and changes to the benefit system taking place.

North Star has also experienced cost increases in a number of areas. The cost of delivering maintenance, planned maintenance and developing new homes has increased between 10-15%. This is a result of rising cost of materials, supplies and labour. We are making further investment in the safety and servicing of our properties and will make more money available to support tenants and communities. Focusing on the future, we’re investing in the energy efficiency of our properties to meet Government targets to cut carbon emissions.

Click below to hear more from our Senior Team and Chief Executive Angela Lockwood.

Surplus for Purpose

We make a surplus for many reasons and never simply for the sake of it. As a not for profit housing
association, all surpluses are invested back into the organisation. Surplus is used to deliver the purpose
and to that end we invest in:

  • New Housing to provide local communities with high quality and fuel efficient, affordable
    housing to met a range of needs.
  • Existing housing to ensure tenants live in safe, warm and well maintained houses
  • Communities and neighbourhoods to facilitate and enable people to thrive
  • People to enable everyone to have a voice, influence and involvement at all levels.
  • Partnerships so that we can work together to find solutions to challenging housing issues

Maximising surplus is a major driver for North Star, enabling the successful delivery of our purpose
through the five year vision and annual corporate plan. It is important North Star meets
Regulatory expectations, particularly in relation to Value for Money and essential we continue to
deliver successfully on our purpose. This keeps North Star strong in every aspect.

Read more about how we invested money during 2021 to achieve our key priorities in our 2021 Annual Report.

Our most recent 2021 financial statements include in depth detail on the governance, financial performance and activity undertaken during the year.

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