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Developing connections between older people and very young children can benefit both generations. With this in mind, we decided to have a ‘Bring your Children to Work Day’ at our supported housing scheme, Aspen Gardens, in Stockton.

A tenant at Aspen Gardens taking a selfie with children who visited the scheme for bring your children to work day.

Some of the older people are grandparents and have visits from family members, but others do not, so they really appreciate care home visits from the children. The children also benefit from connecting with the residents, especially those who do not have grandparents of their own. Seeing the children seems to bring the older people out of themselves, making them more interested and generally happier.

Staff brought their children in to have lunch with the tenants at Aspen Gardens and after they sat and chatted together about everything and anything. Some children brought their iPads and showed the tenants how to use them, whilst others brought booked and read to the tenants. It was very informal and relaxed and had a real positive impact on everyone involved.

Interacting with people of a different generation can be very valuable to both parties. The children benefit from the praise and feedback they receive from the care home residents, and the residents, who could be lonely and socially isolated, enjoy the interaction with the children.

Both the younger people and the tenants enjoyed the session and we will be looking to roll it out across other services.

Children having lunch with the tenants at Aspen Gardens. Bridging the generational gap.