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North Star opened Wellgarth Community House in 2015. In recent years we have worked with a number of local residents to develop a range of projects and services.

Following weekly drop in sessions at the house and discussion with residents about activities they would like to be involved in , they said they would be interested in further learning opportunities.

They expressed concerns about attending college either due to family commitments, anxiety or travel difficulties, We arranged for sessions to take place at the house via on line learning with Durham County Council where they would have access to the internet and felt comfortable learning in this environment.
We were also able to provide support for those struggling with IT skills. We also provide laptops as they did not have there own IT equipment as before this they were trying to do it on their mobile phones.

We also linked up with a training provider JK training who brought in a tutor to run English and Maths qualifications at the house, one of the learners required level 2 qualifications to pursue a career in nursing and start level 3 training in this field. After competing level 1 English she then attended College to complete level 2, we paid for childcare provision to enable her to do this.

So far, 24 residents have achieved qualifications while studying with partners at the Community House including Maths, English, healthy living, health and safety and equality and diversity.

Working in this this hyper local way has allowed to provide training opportunities that work for the community in a place they feel comfortable.