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North Star welcomes residents of Darlington Housing Association - Find out more

On Thursday 17th October 2019, business leaders from across Darlington gave up their beds for one night to help people who don’t have one.
Ten people from North Star willingly volunteered to take part and raise an amazing £1,400 in sponsorship. The team braved the elements using cardboard boxes, balaclavas, foam jigsaw pieces and even wine!

Sean Lawless Customer Service Manager said “The night was an overall inspiring success, we heard from people who had experienced homelessness and turned their lives around”

Being on a weeknight meant that the North Star team challenged themselves in pushing through the next working day today.

Gavin Gibbons, Customer Service Assistant, said: “I comforted myself by counting down the hours and minutes telling myself, I only have to do this for one night and then I can go home and work”.

For everyone one who took part, this was only one night, yet there are thousands of people who do it for weeks or sadly, permanently.

North Star is members of Homes for Cathy and is committed to doing everything it can to combat and reduce homelessness and its causes

North Star is committed to tackling the housing crisis by aiming to build 500 new homes over five years.