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“It’s great now I can live in my own place. I would have been homeless if I hadn’t got the help from North Star.”

Barry Brown, a tenant from Redcar holding up his special Olympics medals

Before being referred to supported housing, Barry was homeless and had been sleeping on friend’s sofas or on the floor at his mother’s house. Barry has a learning disability and has difficulties in particular with reading & writing.

Barry moved into a temporary accommodation service in Redcar and was with them for over a year. He had a dedicated support worker to help him adjust to living on his own. It was the first time he had lived on his own and had to manage money.  After a successful year, he was then offered a general needs property, close to his family and friends. Barry now has a housing officer and a support worker to help enable him to live independently.

Barry has a very active life now that he has his independence. The support that Barry received has enabled him to manage and understand a tenancy now and start to manage his own bills. supported housing has given Barry the chance to build a new life for himself that allows him to pursue everything he loves.

Barry is heavily involved in various sporting activities through the Adult Learning & Disability Team, and, has just recently attended the Disabled Olympics gaining a Bronze & Silver medal in his chosen sport of indoor bowling.  He was extremely proud of this achievement and it’s all possible now he has his independence back.

“It’s great now I can live in my own place. I would have been homeless if I hadn’t got the help from North Star. They helped me learn how to manage my money better and pay my bills and how I go about paying my rent. And now I have my very first home, and without North Star I wouldn’t have this. Now I have my forever home, somewhere to show my medals off and watch all the football I want.”