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[Updated Tuesday 24th  March]

Our aim is to ensure we protect our tenants and staff, as well as minimising the spread of COVID-19. Therefore we have taken the following measures to keep North Star strong and provide the best service during the current climate.

Repairs – as of Tuesday 24th March 2020

From Tuesday 24th March 2020, we will be suspending our routine repairs service. We will be carrying out emergency and urgent repairs only, until further notice.

These can continue to be reported by calling our Customer Services Team on 03000 11 00 11 or emailed to ; in which our customer services team will call you back to arrange.

To ensure we reduce the risk to you and our staff, we will be checking for any risks of coronavirus when you call. As a result, we have removed the ability to report repairs via My North Star. My North Star remains fully operational in every other capacity, including making rent payments and contacting your Housing Officer.

For clarity, the following are classed as Emergency and Urgent repairs:


  • Losing all electrical power
  • Blocked main drain
  • Blocked toilet if only one available
  • Burt pipes that cannot be contained
  • Dangerous structure
  • Gas leaks
  • Complete heating failure where:
  • No back up heating is available
  • Winter months only
  • Lack of security to the property


  • Loss of hot water or heating supply that has no back up
  • Toilet not flushing (where more than one toilet is available)
  • Water leaks that can be contained, leaking roof.


The North Star offices, are now closed to the public until further notice. Phone lines will remain open on 03000 11 00 11.

Difficulties paying your rent?

If you are concerned about being able to pay your rent due to your income being affected by Coronavirus. Please contact your Housing Officer as soon as possible. We can help with claiming the right benefits and support you. Our Housing Officers and Welfare Benefits Team are here to help.

We will not take possession proceedings, or evict anyone due to the impact of Coronavirus who keeps in contact with us to sustain their tenancy.

Work affected by Coronavirus?

If you have found that your work has been disrupted by Coronavirus, we have put together some information detailing what is available and what you may be entitled to at:

Supported Housing

To continue providing vital care and support to vulnerable customers we will have staff working from offices at our supported housing schemes, in line with current guidance.


To get accurate information regarding Coronavirus, please use the Government guidance as detailed below:

If you are concerned you could have the virus or want more information, then please check the latest guidance from the NHS at

Thank you for your continued support and remain available via the telephone, should you have any concerns.