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The five Local Authorities across Tees Valley have worked hard at bringing about devolution, setting aside any differences and working for the greater good of the sub region. They have a great track record in collaboration and making things happen, which is why we will be one of the first Combined Authorities to have a deal from Government. Their pragmatism, determination and commitment to people has taken centre stage. North Star are delighted to be part of that arrangement and as a Housing Association that has been operating across Tees Valley for over 40 years, they are committed to do all they can to make it a success.

Angela Lockwood, Chief Executive at North Star, said: “The deal underpins the regions long-term ambitions and will realise its potential, capitalising on the strengths of the area. We are certainly not the largest devolution deal, and nor is it all about money, although that helps, however we have a strong and well rehearsed “can do” attitude and we are not short on vision and appetite. We know that Government is taking seriously the request to devolve housing investment to Tees Valley, which we can use more flexibly; to not only deliver the housing we need but to also consider regeneration challenges.

“At North Star, we see this as an exciting time and an opportunity to really make a difference. Our subsidiary Endeavour Housing Association was established to deliver housing for people in housing need and this has kept us strong for 42 years. As a major player in housing, our strong partnership with all five of the Local Authorities in Tees Valley, means we are well placed and committed to do all we can to make the region stronger. Our original purpose still fits well with the devolution agenda and we are excited to continue building high quality homes and providing great services.

“We are keen to see the newly elected mayor support the housing sector in the delivery of more high quality affordable housing, to meet current and future need. This includes affordable housing for rent and home ownership, especially for those in low paid work.

“We have recently built nine live/work units for people to work from home in Middlesbrough. These innovative new homes not only offer affordable accommodation, but they create the ideal environment for new enterprises to flourish. These new, versatile homes have been hugely successful and we are keen to deliver more. Of course it’s imperative to recognise that the provision of additional housing needs goes hand in hand with strong economic growth, with an increase in secure and well paid employment.

“We would also like to see the further regeneration of some areas close to the urban core, where even more creative solutions would add value to the great work already underway or planned.

“To a large degree, the future is really in our hands and already we are seeing increased local employer confidence grow with investment increasing. I know that dialogue with Government will continue to secure further commitments with the potential to be a flagship for successful devolution.”